Ariel Gonzalez Bovat

 Ariel Gonzalez Bovat, Professional Clinical Counselor, Trainee

Ariel Gonzalez Bovat is a pre-masters practicum/intern student from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and has plenty of life experiences which has equipped her to meet others where they are, without judgment. Ariel believes that God’s Word is sufficient to answer all of life’s struggles but also understands that sin and living in a fallen world is a reality that causes so much dishevel in our lives, personally, relationally and corporately. She is a competent multicultural counselor who is able to work with those who are dealing with a broad range of issues including domestic   violence, sexual abuse, lower income realities, pornography, and trauma. She leads a women’s Bible study and a refugee ministry to reach non-English speaking women. Ariel is also pursuing certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counseling (ACBC).