Friday Night Lite

Postponed Until Further Notice

Due to COVID-19 regulations

2nd and 4th Fridays 6:30-8:00pm at New Day Women’s Center

$5 Donation are Appreciated

Join us for expert-led discussion topics relevant to women’s issues. This is a great way to connect and grow, face-to-face, with other women while gaining some tips and tools for navigating through day-to-day life. We welcome you and be sure to invite a friend!

Discussion Topics Offered: 

  • Communicate to Connect – Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Listen to Understand – Connecting by Making Others Feel Heard
  • Healthy Boundaries – Knowing How and When to Draw the Line
  • Moods & Attitudes – Uncovering & Expressing Emotions
  • Cutting & Self Harm – Warning Signs and Treatments
  • Renew Your Mind – Developing the Habit of Positive Self-Talk
  • Overcome Perfectionism – Knowing When to Stop
  • Dealing with Disappointment – Letting Go of Expectations
  • Safe People – Creating a Healthy Support System
  • Freedom of Forgiveness – Understanding the Real Meaning of Forgiveness
  • Take the Leap of Courage – Breaking through Fear
  • Self-Reflection through Guided Journaling
  • The Mystery of Friendship – Developing and Maintaining Lasting Friendships
  • The Power of Choice – Learning to Live Intentionally
  • Stressbusters – Managing Life When You are Overwhelmed
  • Betrayal & Beyond – Healing from Relationship Betrayal
  • Anger Management – Gaining Tools to Manage & Express Intense Emotion

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