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Could you picture, for a moment, a woman facing the hardest day of her life…

Whether it be that her husband is asking for a divorce, or she has found nude texts on her daughter’s phone, or has learned of her husband’s affair or pornography addiction, or finances are such that she is losing her home, or that the general stressors of life have become so overwhelming that she struggles to even get out of bed to face another day… These are just some of the stories commonly heard from the women we serve at New Day!

Consider these statistics which are as common within the church, as in the secular community:

  • The divorce rate among committed Christians is 38%
  • 62% of teens and young adults have received a sexually explicit image and 41% have sent one (usually from/to their boy/girlfriend or friend)
  • 70% of men ages 18-34 view porn monthly leaving their wives with betrayal trauma symptoms much like those suffered by affairs
  • 1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder (including anxiety and depression) in a given year
  • 59% of pastors have counseled one or more people who were eventually diagnosed with an acute mental illness. 22% of pastors agree that they are reluctant to get involved with those dealing with acute mental illness

New Day Women’s Center is living out our mission, to provide a “faith-based community for all women of all backgrounds, to connect and grow.”  As a supporter, you will play a valuable role in the community of New Day. Consider the following ways that you can make a difference (click on the link for more info about each):


Although we provide low-cost, sliding scale counseling and therapy, cost can be quite a challenge for some women and their families. Scholarships provide access to services for those in need of financial assistance…read more


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Thank You for Getting Involved!

Listen to what women have told us about the value of connecting at New Day: 

“I am so thankful for this wonderful group of women who have helped me more than I can write!” “I feel not alone among women who share in the same concerns and struggles…” 

“At the 2017 conference I felt like you far exceeded my expectations and you showered us with gifts and love…” 

“I love my church but have not been able to find friends or deep connections there. Thank you for this place where I can share more deeply and feel safe and understood…” 

Together we are making a difference!